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Your Brief Answered

IconGroup is Australia's largest and leading provider of cancer care, hence we would move to sensitively and diligently create effective, innovative and emotive video content, to be used across all Icon Group’s digital assets, for both external and internal purposes. 


Our overarching content package would align with the Icon Group’s brand and style guidelines, and importantly enshrine the brand’s reputational objectives, producing video content which:

  • • Subtly reinforces Icon Group as Australia’s leading provider of cancer care;

  • • Respectfully, sensitively and emotively exhibits content that highlights the best possible outcomes for patients;

  • • Thoughtfully and diligently produces content that endorses the provision of exceptional patient care;

  • • Highlights the level of care, innovation and investment exercised by the Group in the provision of the best world-class technology for patients, and;

  • • Encompasses the ethos of the Group, which is

  • underpinned by strong organisational values, focused on achieving the highest level of care for both clients and staff.

Your Brief Answered
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Video Styles & Estimates


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Video Styles & Estimates


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1. Will all videos have the ability to be cut into 60 second social media edits?


We are able to produce 60 second social media edits for all of our video formats.


2. Will the content complement current content on websites and social media



We will create a unique graphics package based on your brand guidelines and style guide,

to which all content will adhere.


3. Is there the potential to create Animated Videos?


We produce all forms of video content, including full animation videos, and also videos that partially integrate animation. Regarding the example of World Cancer Day, we are definitely able to integrate animation into various video formats as required, and with a little more information, we can create a package for this type of event, which covers external and internal requirements, and the level of animation required to be featured for each.


4. What is the Series production process?


A series would be devised in collaboration with IconGroup, whereby we would decide on what topics would be covered, and then we would script and storyboard each video for your approval, after which we would film the necessary footage to be featured. We would aim to produce these series over a finite period, so that you may disseminate however you please, whether it be all at once or over a stipulated period of time.


5. Are we able to be flexible with time frames, budget and editing costs?


As a dedicated video production house, we are confident that we are faster, cheaper and more agile than traditional providers, because all we do is produce video content and strategy, and as such we have a team of dedicated producers, directors, editors and camera crew that lives and breathes video, bringing an extensive amount of experience to our projects, both from a creative and efficiency perspective.


6. Being a Brisbane-based company, will filming costs increase due to travel time?


We are a national company, this means that filming costs are not impacted by travel, rather we choose where to shoot based on what each project requires for optimal delivery. However, last minute shoots will incur a last minute booking fee if it is within 48 hours, regardless of what state the filming is to occur.


7. Would external videos would require more professional footage compared to

internal videos?


All of our footage is of a professional quality.


The difference between internal and external facing content is that the former is more likely to consist of piece-to-camera or interview style footage, shot in one location, and requires no b-roll or graphics, thus requires less post production. Conversely, external facing content usually requires extra footage, such as a multi-location shoot, and the implementation of b-roll and graphics, which means that we are shooting for longer and there is more footage to be processed, created, and edited, which leads to increased post production costs.


As you can see, while the style of video changes, thus its associated costs differ, the fundamental level of filming and post production quality remains professional, and of a consistently high standard.


8. How ad-hoc can videos be produced?


We are able to organise video shoots within 24 hours for internal piece-to-camera or interview style shoots, and within 48-72 hours for larger multi location and multi talent shoots, which is to be external facing. However, for optimal results, having a production schedule which accounts for definite periods of time, for example quarterly schedules ensures that all projects are produced and delivered in a way that maximises production efficiencies, and more importantly audience interaction and results.


9. Will video content be owned by Icon Group and would we have the ability to

edit in-house?


All content is owned by the Icon Group, and as such once a project is delivered, you will have the ability to edit the footage in-house if you so wish. However, we abide by the philosophy that we do not stop editing until you are satisfied, and to date we have found that no clients have been motivated to edit in-house, because we do include unlimited edits in our pricing (up to 5 versions or rounds of edits), but of course, the right remains

that you may.

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