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Business Meeting

Given the current issues you’ve identified we have a couple of solutions that could be implemented which we are happy to share and strategise over with you. One such example which both statistics and personal experience affirms is given the current issue of not all staff having access to emails/computers during work hours, is to make all content mobile optimised, so that staff are encouraged to interact with videos on their phones, we can do this by simultaneously sending our the video links to both email addresses and mobile numbers. Further, we can we track staff engagement with these videos, and utilise surveys to get insight as to whether staff found the videos useful or informative or other.

These weekly videos could feature a message from the CEO, and then potentially feature a different member or division of the company, focusing on their challenges and achievements over the past week or in relation to a particular issue. These can change every week, and serves to lift staff engagement as people are being introduced to their colleagues and also learning more about how the organisation is structured and operates as a whole to make patients life better.

Assets: 1 x 2-3 minute video per week

Estimated Cost: $2,500- $4,500 per video

(Depending on how many people featured and the necessary b-roll)

Ideation & Strategy:

1. Internal Comms & Weekly Video Emails/Texts


Interview style videos can vary from a 2 person video to a video encompassing all the members of the executive team, which requires a multi cam edit and b-roll.

Asset: 4-5 minute video

 Estimated Costs: $3,800 to $8,500 per video 

(depending on complexity)


2. Interview Style Videos

Bike Path

The usually format of these styles of video includes capturing footage, both on- site and screen capturing (for example, onl ine login process), which directly correlates to the voice over required for the video, which will be scripted collaboratively,  meeting all the requirements of the necessary departments. These videos will take viewers (staff) on a journey through all the necessary components of Icon Groups’s on boarding or/and OH&S requirements, in a simple yet thorough way.

Asset: 8-10 minute video

Estimated Cost: $9,500 - $12,000


3. On Boarding Videos & OH&S Videos


Mini TVC Style advertisements which would feature actors and a voiceover, encompassing the values and feel of IconGroup’s corporate culture. Obviously there are many angles that we can take here and we would work closely with HR in determining what they are trying to achieve or what kind of candidates they are hoping to attract through their recruitment efforts, as the audience will impact our ideation.


Asset: 1 x 2-3 minute video

               1 x 60 second edit

Estimated Cost: $12,500 - $18,000


4.  Recruitment Videos

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